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Growth, Growth, Growth....

Farkkkkk are you sick of hearing that word yet ???

It's an altogether MASSIVE part of any Business, be that Property Management or Chocolate sales, growth is a completely natural process we all experience. But is our industry so caught up in the world of BDM's and Growth at any cost that we are forgetting the basics ?

I've worked with hundreds of Property Managers and BDM's in all my years, and with that, their businesses moving in the direction they have planned.

It truly isn't a simple case of sending your BDM off to some expensive conference and training seminars to learn those very basic details and functions we ALL know too well (or can find on the internet). As much as its an integral part of the business, it's actually so much more and I often see opportunities passing by a business simply because the word GROWTH has been associated with NEW business, when so often it's sitting right in front of our current business.

Is your portfolio operating at optimal efficiency and maximum service experience ? Are you overlooking risk management issues and potentially losing clients at one end, only to replace them at the other ?

When you next think growth make sure you are thinking of growing more than just the number of doors, but number of dollars!!!

“Businesses rarely come up for air to re-evaluate how they are selling. This means that current sales practices, process, and organisational structure may in fact be hindering their growth more than any external factor they believe they are facing.” – Tiffani Bova

Time to Evaluate ????

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