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about Brett Wheatland

  • Legislation Empowerment

  • Risk Management

  • Policy and Procedural Development

  • Conflict Management and Training

  • Effective Tribunal Representation

  • Technology Implementation

  • Rent Roll Analysis/Due Diligence

  • Growth and Development

  • Fee Maximisation

  • Personal and Team Coaching

Recognised in the industry as an expert in both corporate and independent Property Management Operations, his experience spans 20 years in Property Management and is identified as one of the most respected and prolific names in the world of Property Management in South Australia.


Founder of South Australia's Largest Property Management Community (SAPMC) a genuine industry advocate and official Government consultation stakeholder, General Manager of a specialised Property Management Agency and receiver of multiple awards in within his field, and leading name in all things Property Management. 

Are you looking to find an edge in this fast paced and exciting industry ?

Having personally Leased well in excess of 2000 rental properties and personally listed more than 1000 new clients into Management his experience and knowledge in every single facet of the Property Management is priceless.

From growth strategy through to procedural implementation and refinement, marketing, risk management, conflict resolution, technology and innovation implementation, performance management, organic growth and professional development, if you are looking for genuine industry champion at the coal-face of day-to-day Property Management to help  you find that edge or help you navigate any area of your's time.

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