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Take Control of your Inbox......

Follow the SIMPLE Four D's or Email Sanity.......

Delete it – Pretty Simple (but sometimes its ok to just push delete)

Do it – Ask yourself, what action do you need to take, and can it be done in 2 minutes…….if so, then do it!

Delegate it – If you cannot delete or do it in 2 minutes, can you forward to someone in your team to handle it……if so, delegate it.

Defer it – If you can’t do the above, and this is something ONLY YOU can deal with, but need the time (more than 2 minutes) to complete the task properly, then defer it to your calendar for action at the right time.

Managing your inbox can be a challenge as a PM....BUT there are some amazing facets, tricks, tools and shortcuts to help you manage your inbox. They say 80% of people use 20% of their software.....are you using your software to its FULL POTENTIAL ???

Maybe I can help you or your team really take control of email management in your business.

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